Sunday, April 17, 2016

(≧ω≦) u pink too much ! (≧ω≦)


OMGyouguise yessss, a very clever kitty collar meets ultra babelicious hot pink PVC mini skirt!
Could you obsess any harder? I can't.

Truthfully, on the long list of things I can't even--or, rather won't even--Hot Pink is in the top 5. But somehow it's managed to warm itself up to me in the form of a naughty-kitten PVC mini skirt. 


I hate hot pink. Really. Always have. Which is why you'll only ever catch me in pale/pastel shades of pink 99.9% of the time. Why do I hate it? Not sure. Maybe because it resembles PeptoBismol which I threw up one time when I had stomach flu. Or maybe because it's the colour of Patrick Star & he's stupid. Or maybe it's because it's just so tacky and when I see it I fear some sort of Zebra pattern is following close behind. Whatever. Bottom line is, I hate hot pink. But, in this case, what can I say? Even I can appreciate when something is truly fabulous; and this form-fitting, body con-esque mini from American Apparel is Just That. Fabulous. 


I'm so #sorrynotsorry that the majority of my garments come from American Apparel.
Their clothing deserves awards. Talking Grammys. Hands down, AA makes some of the most powerful pieces in fashion today. Bringing back 70s 80s and 90s flare with a modern appeal, American Apparel never ceases to produce top shelf apparel all day every day. 

This skirt is just the beginning of a long line of totally stellar skirts AA has to offer. 
It's called the Vinyl Mini Skirt and it's seriously handcrafted by angels. I got this skirt for ComicCon and I ordered it online instead of buying it in the store because they weren't selling it in store anymore. I ordered a size small--despite knowing that I'm definitely an xsmall--because I wasn't sure if it would be too tight, given the Vinyl material has very little stretch. However, when I got it it was too big and had more stretch than I'd anticipated. It was really rather frustrating but ComicCon was coming up in a few days and I couldn't risk sending the skirt back and not re-recieving it before the day of the big event. I was going as Barbie and my vinyl skirt was pretty much the only part of the getup that could help people guess who I was, aside from my Mirror iPhone case from Moschino. 

Anyway, after ComicCon I felt bad about trying to send a skirt back that I'd already worn all day so I just kept it. I wish I had've bought it in black a few months ago, but my friend talked me out of it when I was on the fence about it. Now AA doesn't even have it for sale anymore. Sometimes I HML. Lol. Anyway…

I'm not sure what it is about the skirt that get's me going, but it just excites me. Yknow, after ComicCon I'd kind of tossed this beauty to the side, seemingly forever frustrated with it's almost-perfect fit. But when I got this top, I realized that my skirt could be revived, and it was true after all.
It's not just the top though, this skirt is really something to consider adding to your closet. The inside is a super soft suede-like cotton and the outside is a liquid-wet vinyl material that's so crisp you could clean it with Windex. I regret not buying it in every colour except gumdrop--because I hate green more than I hate Hot Pink. So yea, the skirt is definitely magic, but let's move on to something even better

This top, sometimesladies & notalwayssogentlemen, which I know you think is just soo salty I bought from Miss Patina; but size Small (which is what I ordered) is currently out of stock. Off the bat, I didn't like that my stupid cat-collar-guy can't reach his feet so he just lies around my neck like a dead fur. I decided I can just sew on velcro or a plastic snap or even a metal closure and the problem will be solved but still, when you pay $60+ for a top, you kind of hope your cat will obey.  

All in all though, the top creates a lot of conversation, and, if the person is interesting of course, I love conversation! I think that a chocolate female strolling down the streets in a Strawberry Pink vinyl mini skirt is enough of a convo starter but the cat collar definitely helps. It's definitely one of my newest favourite items in my closet. I like animal pieces a lot, they're so cute ! (◠‿◠✿)
I have this Rilakkuma skater dress that I really want to show you guys but waiting on the right top…
I also like that this top is black and white. Means I can mix and match it with a ton of different bottoms like skirts, shorts, pants and denim. It's going to be an adventure discovering all the ways I can wear this new blouse, and it's an adventure I'm going to enjoy!

 ♬ *:・゚✧ヾ(´︶`♡)ノ✧:・゚*♬  ♪

Lastly I added some tiny daisies to my nails, partly to keep a fresh Spring vibe going but mostly to get rid of the Basic Red polish I was previously sporting.
 The cheap red polish dyed my nails a hint of pink which unexpectedly yet totally appropriately matched my ensemble so I then took a bottle of White Nail Art Polish (the one with the skinny brush applicator) and I painted little 7-petal daisies everywhere. I put one or two on some fingers and other fingers I put clusters of daisies. *shivers at the word c l u s t e r s. Ew* Anyway after that I just put a dot of yellow polish in the center of the white blobs and voila ! Daisy French Tip is born.  

               & THERE U HAVE IT,
A totally adorable and pleasantly familiar flight-attendant-on-acid style outfit. Wear it to the mall or an event. Wear it to work if your boss has a single creative bone in his/her body and doesn't make artistic people hide their true colours. Or wear it to the grocery store or Pet store and be like "This is Monty my cat say Hi!" while petting your collar. Whatever you chose to do, do it in a Vinyl mini skirt because everyone should own something Vinyl at least once in life. & also consider doing what you do in a cat-collar blouse! Because a dog collar blouse is just weird!

HAVE A BLESSED DAY EVERYONE !! I love you, may u prosper in class/@work-with your family/friends and whatever else you do  & remember guys,

*Please, Pink Responsibly.


Good morning, or afternoon actually.
I hope you're all ready for a mouth--or rather, eye-full? idk--of reading, because I have a story another super juicy (think Starburst) story to share with this look…

So, this morning I'm in a strange mood. I'm feeling an odd cross between excitement and utter dread.

I have this wedding to go to tomorrow and I have a feeling in the back of my mind like it's going to be anything but awesome. I don't want to speak negativity over the occasion but, knowing my extended family, there's almost always drama involved.

I'd like to go into further detail of the trip that will soon take place, but instead I'l save that for another post later on today. In fact maybe I'll discuss everything I like to pack when going on a trip!

Anyway right now I wanna talk about this majorly adorable get up I'm wearing to go shopping.
Mum and I are trying to find a couple things for the road trip like she wants to get this cute hair jewelry thing from EarthBound (the only hippie-store in this podunk mall) and I want to find a top I can wear beneath the dress I plan on wearing to the wedding. Mum says the dress's neckline is too low, and I mean it is because it's a tight-fitting bodycon club dress. So yeah, the neckline plunges faaar down, damn near around the belly button area. But the dress is so FIRE it's hard to not want to wear it as is.

I understand though, this is a wedding not The Ice Lounge, can't show up looking like a Rihanna reject.
Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, my 21st BDay is May 10th so I'll be sporting the daring neckline when I go club/bar hopping with my best friend & other half, Kara. I'll talk more about her later because (for this time in my life anyway) she's a big part of my life. Anyway, enough bush-beating, let's get into today's look…


   Today, since it's a lil warmer outside now but not quite summer weather, I decided I'd pair my American Apparel high-waist Stonewash Denim shorts with this truly KAWAII Pink Kitty Peekaboo open-chest mid-caf sweater. Now I'd like to skip right to the goodies, but sadly--as is the case with a handful of the looks I choose to wear--this top is totally irritating sometimes. I guess the real problem is my breast size rather than the top but alls I know is, when I put this thing on, no matter which bra I choose you can always see it poking through the sides of the top ! 

No matter what I try, and believe me when I say I have tried every bra I own & even purchased a few new ones, the top shows my bra and it's so sad! You can actually see in the pictures below my Peach-&-White-Polkadot Bra peaking through the sides; Très embarrassing. I do have this one bra, though, where it doesn't really show that much but then my tits look basically nonexistent. Yknow they're not that big to begin with but jeez I mean I thought I had Somethingggg. Anyway, aside from that issue, I love this top and I honestly plan on having breast implants some day soon so I worry not about this stupid problem as it won't be an issue very long. Anyway, SpreePicky (the store where I got this from) is so truly kawaii I have bought so many things from them. I love anything Tokyo-harajuku based and this store does it ALL it that department. Sexy-naughty lingerie for the dirtiest of kitties out there and sweet princess dresses for the innocent angels. I'm not sure if they have boy stuff but then again I've never looked! So, if you're a dude and you're into the whole Japanese cosplay trend, give the site a gander! Truth be told, I'm obsessed with looking like an anime character. Even though I'm chocolate flavoured I still love to dress like I'm straight out of SailorMoon. I love the look of a Japanese/Korean girl so I strive to fill my wardrobe with corresponding items. SpreePicky is my #1 Go To Store for all things kawaii. This site has never failed me and the shipping is totally speedy. I recommend checking them out even if you don't totally fan-girl obsess over the kawaii-style, as they have MANY cool things to offer aside from clothing like room decor and phone accessories! On this top, the kitty's face is so cute and it brings great attention to the breasts (which I don't want too much of yet, but whatever). Also the kitty-ear closure that keeps your naughty bits from jumping out is totally ulzzang it makes me wanna cry tears of joy!

Next, we have the American Apparel high waist shorts. 

     Let me just start this next paragraph by stating that I love 96% of every item of clothing & accessory that comes from the American Apparel brand. American Apparel is one of the first brands I was ever introduced to that actually caters to girls with small waists. They also understand the meaning of the term high-waist. I'm sorry bruh but there is nothing I hate deeper in life than stupid ass clothing companies that label something as high-waist when it literally sits beneath the bellybutton. High waist means HIGH ON THE WAIST PEOPLE. Not below the waist line, not sort of at the waist line but AT or ABOVE THE WAIST LINE. Though it pains me, those brands shall remain nameless in this post, but maybe someday I won't hold back and I'll do a whole rant on the top 5 stores I hate & why.
Anyway, back to American Apparel's holiness. AA is a classic 80s/90s style All American brand. Their pieces are so sturdy, durable and well-executed that the outrageous prices seem to actually be reasonable. I don't mind spending $107.00USD on a pair of shorts if I know they fit like a glove & will last me for many months or even years. & these babies do just that. I like to wear these shorts with long sleeves a lot, like I've done here. The opposites--between short shorts and long sleeves--are really attractive to me and help keep the balance between sweet & slut. Perfect!

The belt was just a find from my local thrift store Thrift Town. 
It's a child's belt which is perfect for me because at 23 inches, my waist usually can't afford an adult belt. A child's belt, however is small enough that I can really tighten the waist if I need to.
The design is just some argyle diamonds in pink. The belt itself is black which I thought totally matched the decorum of my ensemble. 

Lastly, I went with my pink jellies from eBay. I hate to be so 80's and match all these colors but I just thought why the hell not I mean it looks so sugary how can I resist? I get a lot of compliments on the kitty top form girls and guys a like. Guys obviously like it because the tit game is 100 in this top, but girls usually like it for that reason and because it's just so cute!

Anyway, that's it for today's look!
I hope you guys like it and I hope, if you have one, you'll HYPE the look on LookBook.
If not, you can always share the look on your social media or tell ur friends about this post! Maybe they'll enjoy a good laugh while at a boring ass day of work. 

Either way, I hope that this post made you smile a little and I hope you have a wonderfully sweet rest of the day. I'm going to go enjoy this ramen I made! It has mixed vegetable in it and spinach! My mom showed me this technique and it really makes plain noodles into a hardy lunchtime meal! If anyone becomes interested in the recipe, perhaps I'll post a step-by-step on how to prepare it (although it's terribly simple). So that's it! I should be back in a couple hours to write another post on WHAT 2 PACK 4 ROAD TRIP! Stay tuned and remember,

*Please Pink Responsibly.

*This is the face I make when my stupid timer only gives me 10 seconds and I have to successfully press the button, get into a cute pose and get at least 4 noodles between my chopsticks so people will believe that I DO know how to use them before the picture is taken and I can't even hardly get 1.


I did it !! Sorta...

(▰˘◡˘▰) MARSHMALLOWS (▰˘◡˘▰)

Today's Look is Totalllly Sweeeet!


It's currently 1:35 am. Or it is here anyway.

I've never understood those clocks on my friends phones (my foreign friends, that is). The clock is like 21:00 and I'm NOT good at telling time as it is, so that always confuses me.

Wow, makes me feel very foolish -__-

Anyway, you may be wondering why I'm up but you're probably not. I'm typing with the sound of Ludacris rapping in YEAH! by Usher. This song cracks me up, reminds me of the good 'ole days.

Yknow, 2007.

Anyway, earlier today I had some kawaii errands to run (and by kawaii I mean picking up berries and other fresh fruits for a smoothie). I wore this super cute outfit 'cause I can't help myself. My dad says I have too many pink items but that's kind of like saying you take too many breaths yknow? It's like YOU HAVE TOO MANY PINK ITEMS. But then, I'd never say that to anyone.
I got this skirt for Easters (watch Nacho Libre) from Forever21.
It was actually a Godsend . I was hunting--well not really hunting so much as walking around aimlessly-for an outfit to wear on Easters Sunday. & like, what's just sitting there right in front of me, totally out of place ('cause it was a size XS in the Plus Size section) and it just calls out in all it's precious pinkness. UNF I neeeeeeded it. So I got it. Duh.

I have that problem, if I feel like I need it I know that I do.
So, yea I tried it on before the buy because yknow no one--gal or guy--ever wants 2 experience buyer's remorse. The skirt fit like a gem. It was totally form-fitting & snug ! Also very soft ! Maybe it was made from true lamb cotton. But I doubt it. Pretty sure Forever21 makes their stuff in like Singapore.

Ok so, yea. The skirt's got three pleats front & back and two hems on either side for a total of 8 lines going down the skirt, with a zipper closure. The pleats are made well enough (& with a sturdy enough material) that the skirt flares out at the ends which I totally love. Props to skirt manufacturers who can actually get a skirt to poof out without going flat after a couple washings.

() subject change ()

Next we have this super sweet crop top.

I got this one from a lil Asian shop on eBay.
I'll look up the name for youguise but honestly when I shop on eBay I rarely look at the seller [other than to check their ratings, yknow--make sure what I'm purchasing isn't total shit].  Soooo I may not know which store sold it to me buuut *here's hoping 'purchase history' is up to par*.

Yea, so anyway I don't know if it's 'cause I'm totally Not Asian--and thus infinitely larger than the Asian female species--or what, but the pic of this top on eBay made it look like the sleeves were muuuuuch longer and pouffier, which I liked because I 1) have longass arms & 2) like sleeves that go over my hands a lil to make me look sweet & cute.

That was not the case upon discovery. Instead, as you can plainly see, the sleeves are almost like mid-caf. I mean literally the sleeves are about 7 inches shorter than I had anticipated.

Complaint #2--even though I didn't officially list the previous sleeves-too-short issue as a complaint--is that the MARSHMALLOW logo on the front of the crop is so cheap looking.

Again, in the picture the logo is like part of the top, like screen printed. However in reality (another reason I choose to avoid such sorrow) the logo is like a giant iron-on sticker that will more than likely begin to peel after a couple more washes. So fingers crossed on this one guys! Here's hoping old Marshmallow Top can handle just one more spin & toss in anti-bacterial detergent (︿≖✿).

Anyway complaint section is finished.
I do really like the scrunched sleeves. They're so simple but the touch makes your arms look like the twisted ends of candy wrappers which I think they did on purpose & so 4's to the makers for creativity.

So lastly I paired this look with my mid-ankle cut, white 70s-style go-go pumps.
These kittens are so cute because the wide sandal-strap is wrapped around just right so that the top half of one's foot (the heel & such) sticks out. I've gotten mostly A+ ratings from people when I wear them but every now and then some fashion-challenged dork tries demean them by asking "Why does yer foot stick out the back? Are they too small? That looks rlly odd…"

To which I respond…

y o u ' r e an i d i o t

Still, I love this outfit a lot, like I said. And truthfully I'm a lil sad that it was such a short trip running errands today. It was like really. The only people who get to see my cuteness is possibly a group of cute high school boys--the likes of whom I can't even fully fantasize about without hearing the faint theme song to Orange is the New Black in the background--and Jorge, the temp mailman & I think he's blind in one eye.

It's sad being in this city. But I'm going to be 21 in a couple weeks so all I can think of is this amount of traveling I'm going to end up doing. Anyway guys, it's now 2:30am and my Extra Sleepy Time Tea is starting to chill. That's bad because it's not iced tea. It's hot tea. & hot tea should never chill ! 

So anyway, have a sweet day. By the time you all read this it very well may be lunch time or maybe breakfast. Knowing this I'll just say have a good one ! Be blessed & remember…

*Please Pink Responsibly.

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