Sunday, April 17, 2016

(▰˘◡˘▰) MARSHMALLOWS (▰˘◡˘▰)

Today's Look is Totalllly Sweeeet!


It's currently 1:35 am. Or it is here anyway.

I've never understood those clocks on my friends phones (my foreign friends, that is). The clock is like 21:00 and I'm NOT good at telling time as it is, so that always confuses me.

Wow, makes me feel very foolish -__-

Anyway, you may be wondering why I'm up but you're probably not. I'm typing with the sound of Ludacris rapping in YEAH! by Usher. This song cracks me up, reminds me of the good 'ole days.

Yknow, 2007.

Anyway, earlier today I had some kawaii errands to run (and by kawaii I mean picking up berries and other fresh fruits for a smoothie). I wore this super cute outfit 'cause I can't help myself. My dad says I have too many pink items but that's kind of like saying you take too many breaths yknow? It's like YOU HAVE TOO MANY PINK ITEMS. But then, I'd never say that to anyone.
I got this skirt for Easters (watch Nacho Libre) from Forever21.
It was actually a Godsend . I was hunting--well not really hunting so much as walking around aimlessly-for an outfit to wear on Easters Sunday. & like, what's just sitting there right in front of me, totally out of place ('cause it was a size XS in the Plus Size section) and it just calls out in all it's precious pinkness. UNF I neeeeeeded it. So I got it. Duh.

I have that problem, if I feel like I need it I know that I do.
So, yea I tried it on before the buy because yknow no one--gal or guy--ever wants 2 experience buyer's remorse. The skirt fit like a gem. It was totally form-fitting & snug ! Also very soft ! Maybe it was made from true lamb cotton. But I doubt it. Pretty sure Forever21 makes their stuff in like Singapore.

Ok so, yea. The skirt's got three pleats front & back and two hems on either side for a total of 8 lines going down the skirt, with a zipper closure. The pleats are made well enough (& with a sturdy enough material) that the skirt flares out at the ends which I totally love. Props to skirt manufacturers who can actually get a skirt to poof out without going flat after a couple washings.

() subject change ()

Next we have this super sweet crop top.

I got this one from a lil Asian shop on eBay.
I'll look up the name for youguise but honestly when I shop on eBay I rarely look at the seller [other than to check their ratings, yknow--make sure what I'm purchasing isn't total shit].  Soooo I may not know which store sold it to me buuut *here's hoping 'purchase history' is up to par*.

Yea, so anyway I don't know if it's 'cause I'm totally Not Asian--and thus infinitely larger than the Asian female species--or what, but the pic of this top on eBay made it look like the sleeves were muuuuuch longer and pouffier, which I liked because I 1) have longass arms & 2) like sleeves that go over my hands a lil to make me look sweet & cute.

That was not the case upon discovery. Instead, as you can plainly see, the sleeves are almost like mid-caf. I mean literally the sleeves are about 7 inches shorter than I had anticipated.

Complaint #2--even though I didn't officially list the previous sleeves-too-short issue as a complaint--is that the MARSHMALLOW logo on the front of the crop is so cheap looking.

Again, in the picture the logo is like part of the top, like screen printed. However in reality (another reason I choose to avoid such sorrow) the logo is like a giant iron-on sticker that will more than likely begin to peel after a couple more washes. So fingers crossed on this one guys! Here's hoping old Marshmallow Top can handle just one more spin & toss in anti-bacterial detergent (︿≖✿).

Anyway complaint section is finished.
I do really like the scrunched sleeves. They're so simple but the touch makes your arms look like the twisted ends of candy wrappers which I think they did on purpose & so 4's to the makers for creativity.

So lastly I paired this look with my mid-ankle cut, white 70s-style go-go pumps.
These kittens are so cute because the wide sandal-strap is wrapped around just right so that the top half of one's foot (the heel & such) sticks out. I've gotten mostly A+ ratings from people when I wear them but every now and then some fashion-challenged dork tries demean them by asking "Why does yer foot stick out the back? Are they too small? That looks rlly odd…"

To which I respond…

y o u ' r e an i d i o t

Still, I love this outfit a lot, like I said. And truthfully I'm a lil sad that it was such a short trip running errands today. It was like really. The only people who get to see my cuteness is possibly a group of cute high school boys--the likes of whom I can't even fully fantasize about without hearing the faint theme song to Orange is the New Black in the background--and Jorge, the temp mailman & I think he's blind in one eye.

It's sad being in this city. But I'm going to be 21 in a couple weeks so all I can think of is this amount of traveling I'm going to end up doing. Anyway guys, it's now 2:30am and my Extra Sleepy Time Tea is starting to chill. That's bad because it's not iced tea. It's hot tea. & hot tea should never chill ! 

So anyway, have a sweet day. By the time you all read this it very well may be lunch time or maybe breakfast. Knowing this I'll just say have a good one ! Be blessed & remember…

*Please Pink Responsibly.