Friday, May 13, 2016

Some Art Museums Are Free. (ノ◍˃̵͈̑ᴗ˂̵͈̑)ノ*:・゚✧

Today's look is so saucy. A mixture of tomboy and modern chic; this look is not only swanky but also tough and powerful. & On top of the simple yet daring look, I bring you some of San Antonio's finest art in all of downtown…

You know people often say you need to spend top dollar to go to fine art museums, but I've discovered a world of some of the finest art a city can offer, and it was all free and right beneath my fingertips. When I was attending University for one dreadful year back in 2012, my creative spirit longed for a cultural epiphany. One with which I would wake up from and realize that a whole world of art and soul was right behind a doorknob I was too afraid to touch. So, anyway, one day while I was staring at my dried-up Sign Language teacher--whose resemblance to Piglet was uncanny--I realized I was better than all of this so I decided to never attend the course again. I decided my time would be much better spent searching for the sweetest parts of my city. In hindsight, though, I realized what a foolish a petulant decision that was, as I ended up failing the overall class and costing my parents a whopping $240. The abrupt decision did enable me, however, to go on a journey to find some of the most beautiful works of art a youngin' like myself had ever seen!

Graffiti isn't usually the people's choice when it comes to fine art. You probably imagine a gold-framed oil portrait on canvas when you hear the words fine and art together. Not me. When I think of fine art, sure I remember the Picasso's and Van Gogh's, but what I really think of is a colorful expression of someone's inner emotions and thoughts. Just because art isn't hanging above a pricey label on a wall doesn't make it any less art than that of it's counterparts. Art can be found anywhere from a sculpture to a colourful array of flowers. That's why the art splashed onto the walls of my city is so precious to me. It shows me some of the flavor and spirit that flows through my city's veins. Today, during this shoot I captured the most vibrant and challenging artistic works you may never find if you're paying to go to a museum. The only way to find things like this is to be a stubborn, rainbow-spirited child like myself and venture off from your boring college course to unearth a new world that you would've never known existed otherwise. I'm a bit upset with myself for not taking my Sign Language course seriously but I'll never regret leaving it because I ended up experiencing some of the coolest journeys in my life.

Anyway, I say it's time we move on to my look of the day.
It's obviously much less impressive than these vivid masterpieces I've brought to you today, but it is something to see, for sure. The top, for starters, was made custom by me. Back a couple months ago when I thought I would have some support from my friend, I believed I could launch a clothing company. The hope is still alive that one day "A.S." will open it's online doors but for now the dream is one too heavy for me to carry alone, or without more financial support. With that said, this OK. BUT NO. tshirt was one of my ideas. The simple Arial font inside a frame was paying tribute to the wildly trending aesthetic images floating all around Tumblr. Much like *cries in Spanish* or "Drake wouldn't treat me this way" my shirt was meant to be a powerful statement that you can wear rather than say. OK. BUT NO. Is meant to evoke a spirit of leave-me-the-hell-alone-ness.  It's sort of like saying "Yea ok. But still no." Like when someone comes at you with that sideways sh*t and you not tryna hear it. LOL. 

Anyway this tshirt was a plain size Medium but I decided a plain tshirt wasn't good enough, so I took to it with my trusty scissors and I snipped it into a high-low crop top! The raw hem is rounded and lower cut in the front whereas the back is a straight-across cut and higher. This gives the illusion that my shirt is a regular tee from the front, capable of being tucked in and everything, yet from the back it's a high-cut crop top! Underneath the top I wore an all black large-mesh bralette from Forever21. I also own this bralette in white and trust me they look cute both ways. At this point I feel like maybe I should've gone with the white as it would pop a lot more beneath this crop top, but, that said, I kind of wanted the mesh to blend in while still being bold enough to stand out if you're lucky enough to get a lil' preview if the wind blows my shirt up in the back a little. 
Next we should discuss my backpack. The shorts I've already gone into full detail on at least twice in a few of my previous OOTDs and the socks and shoes aren't cool enough, in my opinion, to dive deeper into. The backpack though… You know I don't really know what it is about holographic, laser-material that makes people swoon so hard. Perhaps the colour changing properties intrigues people, or maybe it's just the tiny taste into futuristic apparent that drives people wild, whatever the case may be Holographic prints never fail to shock and amaze people. This backpack actually came from a quaint little store on eBay and they provide some of the coolest Japanese trends available today. It's funny, you know my friend went out and bought this exact bag after I'd gotten mine? Only, hers came in and it was huge, like a backpack for a road trip or camping or something. Mine, however came small and sweet just like me, with it's opalescent rainbow colours shining bright for the whole world to envy. & envy it did.   ต( ິᵒ̴̶̷̤ ﻌ ᵒ̴̶̷̤ )ິ ♬
I think aside from the badass colour-fluidity, the coolest thing about this backpack is the fact that it's see-through. Nowadays, since everyone is either a deadbeat loser or struggling to make ends meet, people are stealing a lot more from stores so almost every grocery and gas station within a 20 mile radius of me is having to put up this Godawful hand written signs demanding that basically anyone under the age of forty with a backpack must leave it at the front desk, in some pathetic attempt to reduce theft. With this stupid law enforcing I've had to avoid a lot of stores because sometimes my outfit calls for a black leather backpack and I do NOT trust these store employees with my stuff. With this hologram backpack however, the material is see-through so store clerks usually let me slide! It's seriously an advantage and it makes me happy to walk around free with my backpack while other dorks are having to pile their's up at the front like naughty children who can't be trusted.
But anyway youguise that's really it for the look! Some of my favourite art spots to shoot were the super rainbow pastel designs like above with my backpack shot, and then definitely the spray paint guy. I tried to capture each image at different scales so one could get the full effect of the masterpiece, however there's nothing like actually coming downtown with me and seeing it for yourself.
I did attempt, also, to give credit to each artist by getting a shot of their signature, but I'm not positive every work had a signature or one that I could visibly make out. SO! If you stumble across this post and you see your art and you don't see credit given, let me know and I will gladly update this post with the proper recognition. In any case, everyone, that's all I've got for today! Please enjoy the fine works of art by some of San Antonio's most talented artists and maybe be inspired to venture into your city and see what it has to offer you! Whatever you choose to do though, make sure it makes your heart sing and that it's also the right thing to do. If you make decisions with that in mind you'll almost always end up happy in this life! So dig deep into the beautiful world in front of you, and remember, some art museums are free...

*Please, Pink Responsibly.