Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Missed You

Hey youguise. Pls forgive me. I've been so distracted lately.
I started working and it'd been keeping me from the things I love. Again.
I've missed writing on this blog so much, but unfortunately I've now been busy looking for jobs. 
Also, again.
 I know! What happened to my little in between job I'd had! Well if you must know, they fired me. Yea they said I "wasn't making enough cold calls" and taking "personnel phone calls". No, yea you read that right. Literally personnel instead of personal. Which I mean definitely added a little salt to the tiny wound; knowing the person telling me I was unsuitable to work the position actually has the Grammar education of a 7 year old. & the whole cold call thing? Well that is 100% Not ..false. Lol! What can I say?  I didn't feel like being hung up on 8 hrs a day or driving myself batty listen to that vexing WE'RE SORRY BUT THE NUMBER YOU HAVE DIALED HAS BEEN DISCONNECTED crap. And I mean honestly, those kinds of jobs are just boring. I guess they're right but whatever you know? I've no ability to perform well when I dislike the job requirements but, isn't that anyone? So whatever. They can have their mediocre air conditioning company. YOU'LL NEVER BE JON WAYNE ASSHOLE! *Smiles pleasantly* Ok. I'm better. Anyway yea now I've been looking into becoming an UBER Driver! Some people are like wow loser but I think it sounds so cool! Wouldn't that make for some great stories to write on here? Meeting a ton of randoms from all over the city, listening to their tales of fact or fiction! Maybe they'll be a group of tourists who've never been to America or maybe they'll be a weird couple with a strange history. I like the idea of adventure. Making money just by chauffeuring people around? I do that for my family for free! I think the constant changes in the personalities of multiple people coming in and out of my Custom Taxi Service will be so cool. I've weighed out the pros and cons and other than a slight possibility that a psycho gets into my car (which I stay strapped so you know, isss all gud) I think I'll really enjoy the job! Don't get me wrong, I've been hunting around online for more practical jobs; i.e desk jobs/boring jobs, but every job description I read leaves me with more suicidal thoughts than the one before it. Maintain office supplies. Cold call. Sweep. Sort mail. Sales experience. Sales? Sales?! 
Forgive me if this sounds really uppity and rude buut, it takes a certain type of someone to hock shit all day to people who 9x out of 10 either a) have no money, or b) don't care. 
I can't do it! I love fashion, art, beauty, home living. These things bring me satisfaction and pleasure. Not metal desks and multi-phone lines. God, the thought of a mesh-basket for pens and stacks of murdered trees (paper) makes my stomach actually ache. So I really feel strongly about considering this UBER Role. I think it's going to be a lot of fun and great for someone like me who can't control her vibrant personality. I mean I'll make my customers laugh! Maybe they'll even confide in me and I can help them with some personal issue (as best I can, anyway).
*sighs deeply while changing subject*
I've been walking Sophie a lot lately, partly to clear my head of all this "How Are You Going to Support Yourself" business but mostly because the guys that live in and around my neighbor are SO fine, I decide to treat myself to a little Eye Candy & Exercise. At least the walk is productive, I get healthy exercise for myself and my pup. Who cares what sparks the motivation as long as I'm motivated right? Anyway, I took some snaps of these lovely Crepe Myrtles. We actually have pink and white ones in our backyard but the side of one of my neighbor's home has these brilliant red/magenta ones. They were so gorgeous I actually stopped just to take it in. I wasn't even high or anything youguise! I was just actually enjoying the beauty behind them. The small buds that had yet to blossom reminded me of little Popcorn kernels when they half-pop in the microwave. Sophie even liked them because she sat still while I took shots of them and she didn't run or chase squirrels like she usually does when I want to stand still and do something like idk, flirt with a total babe!
My little Soph. She's getting so big now, almost 2 years old! Makes me realize I should't be wasting time with some boring worthless 9-5 Job. I should be living my life stress--and acne--free!
That's why I'm doing it. I've decided it and I'm going for it! I'm going to be an UBER Driver! 
Maybe I'll even buy a cute pink outfit to wear as my uniform! LOL! Before you know it Everyone in Texas is going to wanna ride the KawaiiTaxi! So, 'til then everyone, I hope you're having a good day! Maybe you're stressing out about something? Wanna talk? Comment down below or click the LET'S TALK tab at the top this page and share with me your thoughts and feelings on this "To Work or Not To Work" topic or any thoughts and feelings you may have!
 Have a super-blessed-soft-sprinkles-day, enjoy the shots of Crepe Myrtles from My Neighborhood below and remember

*Please, Pink Responsibly.

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