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DesuDesu ! ₍ฅᐢ•ﻌ•ᐢฅ₎*・゚。


 I may be feeling slightly less pessimistic today !
I went to a job interview yesterday + it went very well. It looks like the kind of job I may actually be able to stomach! *hands-together* it all works out.  In the meantime, while I wait on my call, I needed to occupy my mind some other way. Dad tells me in those times, when you need to let out emotion, draw. That or pray. That's my Dad's answer for most things lol. But turns out he was right! So look, my friend Kendall turned 23 a week or so ago and he knows I'm sort of artistically gifted so he asked for an original from me! I really rarely get asked to draw as a gift to someone so it was a pleasure! Kendall didn't really specify what he wanted just a drawing so I decided maybe Anime? Kendall draws too and I noticed he draws anime among a few other things. I think he said he wants to be an animator/illustrator. What a goal! He sketches really well + his work always intrigues me. Anyway. So basically I just was like, I wanna draw some anime but I had no idea how to go about doing it. Contrary to possible belief, drawing anime successfully is not that simple. If you're anything like me you assume that a good anime girl drawing must consist of a few simple attributes like; large boobs, shiny hair and big eyes. *Insert buzzer sound effect* Wrong.

Drawing good anime actually requires a little research unless you just have it in you to draw anime well. So I spent a couple intimate moments with good ol' Google itself and it showed me a ton of great examples for anime girls. The eyes can be done a couple ways but the main key is the border of eyelashes. They should only appear on the sides, the top + bottom but not the center or inner areas. 
The color and shapes within the eye usually vary as you see above. Sometimes its a single black dot in the center with color around it and sometimes it's color with a gray shadowy haze looming over top. Sometimes the eye is accented with a little white light shine. All of these elements need to be applied when drawing a convincing anime character! Later, after the eyes, I realized that the anime girl has a distinct tiny mouth, pointed chin and somewhat large head. Her hair almost always comes down in chunky streaks, like you see above also. I appreciate this common feature because it helps me plan hairstyles to draw on my characters ahead of time, or at least give me an idea of what I'm going to attempt. So, with some of my new found knowledge I began to sketch a girl.

When I draw a body, I usually take a photo of myself or a model from the internet and I use that to form a good base shape. I used myself in this instance so I took a selfie of myself by using my camera timer and striking a pose. Then I began to sketch my anime girl's body based on the image of myself. Obviously the proportions ended up slightly different and the curves and assets I enhanced to give it a real anime feel. I had to reshape the breasts at least 4 times which was pretty annoying but after I'd had the body shape down flat I realized the breasts were ill proportioned. So with my trusty White Pearl eraser I rounded and re-rounded her boobs until they were as supple and voluptuous as any. Then I moved onto the head. Her chin and face shape was easy to master, as I'd been staring at example anime images for hours prior to this, however the eyes were a little bit tricky. I could't really decide which style I wanted to go with, the dot in the center, the gray haze over the eye color, it was difficult to decide because I feel like the eyes of an anime girl are the staple. The key item to nailing a legitimate anime drawing. Anyway, after a few failed attempts and a lot of erasing, I became pleased with the eyes that have a dot in the center. I also picked orange as her eye color because my Prismacolor Marker set gives me like 5 orange-tones to choose from, so I knew I could really define her eyes and make them pop with all those varying shades.

I added tiny shadows
to give the illusion of full lips !
Once the eyes were complete I sketched a tiny nose and mouth. I realized pretty early on (like earlier then when I was doing research, basically just from watching anime on TV) that anime/japanese drawings tend to give the characters small mouths with no lips. The mouth is literally just a slit or a small black smile-shaped opening. The presence of teeth and lips are almost always completely left out. I think it's because Japanese girls--or Asian whatever--really don't have very big lips in real life, and anime is like the extreme portrayal of that so they have absolutely no lip definition. Well, that may be so but for me that wasn't going to cut it. My drawings always have to evoke my inner feels and thoughts and I like them to have a bit of my personality in them. So for my anime character I decided to add a little tiny shadow above and beneath her mouth to give the illusion of some pouty lips. I myself have really puffy lips + that made me wanna incorporate that into this piece.

   Anyway the hair color was hard to decide on. I was thinking strongly about red, but I felt like that would be way too little mermaid, especially since the red Prismacolors I have are like Fire-Engine and Blood Crimson hues. Next I thought about orange, like she's a true redhead but then I remembered the whole orange-eye thing I was going for so I had to nip that in the bud too! Lastly I thought about maybe doing a pastel hair color like baby blue, pink or lilac.

All of those were ok, but I really wanted the main focus to be on her swimsuit and face. Not saying I wasn't going to put in Work when it came to the design and overall layout of the hair, but I just didn't want the color to be too distracting. Finally I thought long and thoroughly about it, and decided I liked the natural look. When I came to this conclusion, it was now a matter of brown or blonde. Blonde seemed easy enough, but I preferred the fact that the brown idea had a lot more options to highlight with. I have at least 7 different shades of brown so I thought I could really play with the color placement.

The eyes came easily, after that. My biggest concern was nailing the execution of the hair but after a few breezy strokes, I realized it wouldn't be difficult to accomplish my idea. I moved on to some simple shading with my flesh-tone marker, sort of to act as a guideline or border so I'd know where to place my eyes. I really must do this because a lot of the time when I sketch and erase, I go over it with the black ink outline and it doesn't look like the original pencil drawing. It's terribly frustrating and sometimes it's so off it makes the drawing look amateurish and sloppy. I get so mad because I spend a lot of time drawing and erasing and touching up to make the sketch look as close to perfect as a human can accomplish + then when I erase it for the final time and begin to ink it, it's like I erased too heavy + can't locate the original pencil markings and I end up making the eyes too low or the nose too pointy or the fingers too long or whatever! It's so vexing I actually sometimes scream and my mom will walk by looking at me like …OK… Lol. It comes with the package though I guess, not every drawing you make will necessarily be a masterpiece and I guess the artist in me just doesn't wanna accept that. Anyway, I basically used 50 Shades of Orange (LOL) to create DesuDesu's eyes.

 I made the base color Orange with Poppy and Pale Vermillion to accent and outline the eye; sort of giving the iris and retina some definition. Lastly I used Yellowed Orange to bring light to the bottom of the eye and I was sure to leave a few white spaces for light reflection (bc unfortunately I haven't replaced my white ink pen ;/)

The micron pen is my best friend when it comes to art. Sometimes I just make black and white drawings with it and--because it comes it different tip sizes--I can use it to create the entire image from jewels in a necklace to leaves on a tree. I think my favorite part of a Micron pen is the controlled tip. This enables the pen to distribute a controlled amount of ink at all times, so you never get that irritating and unsightly bleed of a regular black ink marker/pen. It's so useful I thank Matthew P. for introducing them to me back when I was only 17! The eyelashes went O.K. but studying up on my anime girls I realize they're a little too boxy for my taste. I should've only put bottom and top lashes instead of lining the entire outer corners like you see above. *Sighs* Oh well, you live + learn, or something like that… So after the major features were completed it was all basically about her outfit. See, I've been channeling my depression for lack of money (& being able to buy new clothes) into my art by using the clothing in my drawings. Sometimes I lie to myself + pretend I'm that kid with the magic paint brush. I convince myself that perhaps if I draw it out I'll actually receive it one day. Maybe I will? Who knows! So anyway I picked this PVC swimsuit for her to wear. It really stems from two different swimsuits and then I kinda made it into my own. I drew some light reflection on her boobs to give the illusion of the wet-look of PVC and I think it worked out successfully. I added Light Cerulean to the backdrop to help DD stand off the page a little, and I think that too was very successful! I contemplated purple and also, again; red, but blue seemed the most vibrant in this case so I took a chance and I'm really glad I did. Anyway, needless to say, Kendall really appreciated the gift, and I had the greatest time making it. Sometimes I get a little frustrated when drawing--especially when I envision something so clearly and I can't get it to go right when I jot it down--but I always love the process of creating a beautiful image with just a few drawing utensils an eraser and some paper.

I really encourage everyone to draw, because even though you might not be great at it, drawing (or even just coloring a book) can be extremely beneficial in releasing stress.
I hope this post helped you feel some inspiration! Grab your markers or pencils and see what amazing things your mind can create! Until then, let me know what you think of the finished piece: DesuDesu!
& if you really love it, it's available for purchase here: BUY DESU DESU

Thank you for reading! &Remember;

*Please, Pink Responsibly. 

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