Saturday, October 22, 2016

It's Getting Kind of Hectic - At The Office pt. 5


    At least, for me it is. It's Saturday which means I get a few extra hours to sleep! Sort of. I woke up at 6am this morning, like I do for work. I tried to go back to bed but then I realized I had like 100,000 things to do. First of all my boss has me running around scrambling to complete a thousand tasks. I feel like I'm completely screwing up because there are at least 3 things I have left on plate at the end of the day that I didn't finish when I should've. I feel like I might be talking to much instead of progressing and it's not good. I want to do a good job at this place because the money is decent and I get along well with the staff. There's nothing that makes me breakout more than stress from being in a place I hate. 
 This place is really chill and the people are genuinely great. I get along with literally everyone and in  regards to the few mindless followers; they don't cause any problems right now so I don't worry. It's October right now and AJ and I have been discussing different ideas for the holidays. It feels good to have someone want to do that with me. Normally it's just me wanting to decorate by myself while everyone else gawks like I'm some foreign exchange student from Nova Scotia, but AJ thinks the idea of decorating is fun and exciting and I feel totally capable of being my hyper-fashion-sensitive self around her. Even just yesterday, AJ walks out of the break room with this vibrant floral lunch pail and an excited smile spread across my lips. "Vera Bradley?" I asked and the sweetest giggle jumped out of AJ. 

"Yea!" She conceded and I was so happy she cared at least a little about brands. Sutra was straddling a chair in front of me and he shook his head at the two of us like we were naive school girls. I didn't mind, minutes earlier he'd given me some book on silly evolution theories but I was so happy to get it. I slid my fingers down it's rough spine while it was sitting on the top of his supply cabinet. "You like to read? You should borrow that one." he chirped. I reached for it and grazed the cover with my fingers. For a while he went on about scientists discovering interesting things collected from aquatic monkey shit. I bit the inside of my cheek, compelling myself not to roll my eyes at the outlandish tales and it was easy to distract myself because Sutra was wearing an amazing pair of jeans that pressed against his thighs and calves so perfectly. I didn't tell him that I believe evolution is a joke, or that I'm a Christian or that I think I want to move in on him, instead I clutched the book tightly to my chest and nodded dutifully then backed out of the room as gracefully as I could muster. By now both my coworkers know I have a thing for Sutra. They think it's hilarious and I wish I could laugh too but instead I'm busy drooling over him. I try to act nonchalant especially since he's 15 years older than me and has a tendency to treat me like I'm a toddler. I try to remain calm, remember not to talk so much and leave when it's appropriate. Sometimes Sutra asks me pointedly to "leave the door open" if I walk into his office and it irritates me like nothing else. He tries to overload me with work but I don't hate him for it, I just don't like working. Whenever I get the chance I look at him in a way that will hopefully get to him but then I realize he's so nice I really don't want to being some seductive vixen. In lighter news, A was dressed so sexily yesterday. Her body is such perfect engineering it makes me unsure of myself, and her loose blonde hair is always styled in a cute top knot or bun. She clunks in her heels which leads me to believe she's never learned to properly lock her knees but she makes up for it with that adorable Russian accent and pouty set of lips. I don't feel competition just admiration, and her husband The Boss, shows her off like the euroBarbie she is. I aspire to be that thin. 
 my chunks fill my high waist American Apparel denim jeans like frosting in a bag and sometimes I feel like a Kevin Gates music video extra. I find myself tugging at my skin, stuffing it into my jeans hoping I don't look like a total slut. I get complimented a lot so I tell myself it's just me, but sometimes it's a little vexing. 

Luigi brings great entertainment to the office and I end up spending the day filing, typing making calls, designing and joking back and forth with him and AJ. Right now The Boss needs a new order of business cards and I'm in charge of the full process from Design to Print. I feel excited and I'm not too concerned over it because I've designed and ordered products for a company before. The woman, however, at the printing company is giving me this long spiel about how it will take at least 4 days and we can't print the coating on that thick of a card and blah blah blah. I want to shake her and tell her she'd better make it happen or The Boss will have my head but she probably wouldn't move any faster. Anyway, now it's Saturday, and in between emailing and texting the Printer lady and The Boss and Sutra--trying to coordinate the card thing--I'm also planning to take my sibling out around town. 

Maybe eat somewhere in La Cantera and then try on Halloween Costumes at Spirit. My mum's birthday is today and we plan on going to get the rest of her birthday presents today as well, while she's out at a wine vineyard with her friend. I hope she doesn't splurge all of her BDay money on wine, but knowing my mom she might come close. My dad's batshit attitude has cooled down and he's even helped pitch in financially for my mum's special day. I'm so happy the waves have died down for now, and I feel like everyday is more and more blessed. Just yesterday (after work) I even got Chipotle which I'd been craving for Weeks and I even opted out of buying weed. I feel like I'm maturing a little bit and now I also have money so I can start treating my family to the finer things again! Right now life is looking brighter, and my sad days of unemployment are gone. I'm thankful that I'm here and I'm excited for what the future holds and what more will come of my time At The Office. Until the next adventure…

*Please, Pink Responsibly.

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