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Awwh hey you!

   So, just last week I finished one of my all time favorite pieces; #twinning.

Lately I've been on this huge anime stint because the more I practice the better I get and I've always had a huge fan-girl relationship with anime. To be completely honest, I don't like anime cartoons. Other than super girly ones like Squid Girl and Sailor Moon, I never enjoyed the plots of anime.
I've also just never been really interested in cartoons, because I always felt they were so childish and even though I love drawing cartoon-style pieces, watching an actual cartoon has never been fun for me. In fact I think I can list my top favorite cartoons on one hand and I didn't watch every episode of these shows, only when there was nothing else on. In any matter, back to this piece. I started my obsession with learning to draw anime when I first did DesuDesu. She went SO well that I figured I could really get into drawing some more pieces like this. If you read the post on DesuDesu you'll see that I used clothing I actually want to buy someday and incorporated that into the picture. Using that same method, I decided I would create two girls and I would dress them up in cute clothing that I got the inspiration from via my top rated clothing stores. I started out first with the base of the girls. I drew one girl a little closer the left of the page and then, using a ruler, I draw a few long lines to the right side. With these lines as a guide I started to draw the second girl. Usually it takes a little time perfecting the length of the legs and torso, and the size of the head but once I've got it down, creating a second body is cake. Really the second body (if I'm drawing one) is just a copy of the first, that I end up touching up a bit to make it its own. 

Next I tried to think of a way to connect the girls and have them sort of be sisters; especially because I knew the title early on would be called Twinning or SisterSister or something and I wanted them to be connected without making them look exactly alike. That's how I came up with Cream the Cat. I thought to myself, *hmm* what if I drew a kawaii & fluffy little animal that the two girls could be holding and it could be like the two sisters shared this cute pet! I realized that a kitty was the best choice but the cat couldn't be skinny. Because y'know a fat pudgy cat is definitely cuter. I redrew the cat like 3 times before I had his adorable little fat body down perfect and once that was complete I gave him a swirly little tail to mimic a cream swirl (hence the name Cream) and the drawing was ready for the next step! After the body outline was complete I moved on to the clothing and hair. That was not only the easiest part but also the most fun! I gave Mika (right) straight hair and low bangs. All I could think of when drawing her hair was the color choices I'd have and that made me so overly excited I just want to get started before it was even ready. Keena (left) was given wavy hair, because like I said the two girls are twins but I didn't want them to be identical, and what better way to differentiate these two than with their hair? After that came wardrobe. I love putting cute clothes on my girls because it's like playing fashion designer. I may not have the cash at the moment to buy a bunch of new clothes but I can certainly glam up my drawings by drawing out my dream get-ups on them! I started with Keena's look. I knew I wanted to make her the sexier sister considering she had the most innocent looking face. Mika looked sexier in the face which is why I gave her a more baby-doll ensemble. I didn't want to make it obvious by giving Keena a sweet outfit and face and then Mika sexy & sexy, so I switched it up. I started by giving Mika a sweet fuzzy crop sweater. I got the idea from a little top I saw on Romwe and I made it pink because duh you can never have too much pink. I used light squiggly strokes of my Prismacolor Marker to make the fuzzy texture and it actually ended up looking really legit. Then I gave her an adorable crop top adorned with little hearts. After that I picked a pair of jeans because I debated a skirt for a while but I knew Keena would be wearing a skirt and I just really didn't want two skirts. I liked the idea of variety and even though I could've done like a tennis skirt which is flowy, I really felt like I should do jeans. I contemplated high waist but Mika's tummy was so cute and I wanted to give her a belly ring so I gave her regular-waist jeans. In real life I would NEVER wear or condone the wearing of a pair of regular-waist jeans but it worked well for the picture. Seriously, can I stress this? I hate regular jeans. 

No, scratch hate--loathe. There's something wrong with them, actually everything's wrong with them, they're so ugly. They don't flatter the female body whatsoever and they just make the legs look short and the torso abnormally long. My distain started around age 16 and I thought it was because I was kinda short (5'6") but then I looked at them on tall girls and I was like nope, no they're just hideous. Anyway I never imagined I would disgrace one of my pieces with a pair or regular-waist jeans but it kinda worked here. So, anyway, the outfits were for sure a success. I was excited to add detail also, so rather than just a skirt I wanted to do the lace up style. I thought the top might be a little too conservative so I added some cutouts and a little side-boob and I think that Really did it. With Keena's look out of the way it was just about adding detail to Mika. I gave her jeans little heart cut-outs at the knees that had bullets punched out all around it. Then her shoes were just going to be strappy sandals but because Keena had on the gladiator type shoes, I didn't wanna mimic that look, so I gave her little pompom tassels instead.

 I decided I'd use the same method I used on her fuzzy sweater to add detail to the shoes' pompoms! 
Keena's knee was never
intended to be this lumpy
and long. She looks like
she has some muscle
disorder but…
Alright, now that the final touches were finished I was ready to start outlining. I used my Micron Pens to do that. I believe I used Micron #05 #08 and #03 to do this piece. The numbers represent the tip sizes, and the higher the number the thicker the tip. I usually use 8 to outline the entire thing like the outer rims of the body and hair etc. then I use the smaller sizes to detail the accessories or the eyes or any other are that's very small and intricate. In this instance I also used a Micron #02 to detail Keena's Thigh tattoo. Outlining is almost my favorite part because it really makes me feel like the whole thing is coming together. The only thing I don't like about outlining, however, is that fact that sometimes I screw it up and the drawing doesn't look as good as a result. Wether it's a result of a shaky hand or lack of focus, a lot of the times when I outline with pen I draw a line too long, or lopsided or crooked or whatever. You can actually see here in this closeup of the final image that I really screwed up Keena's knee. A lot of people think the picture is still fantastic and usually--unless I point it out--they don't even notice it. I do, though and it's almost always such a blaring mistake that it makes me so mad I seriously wanna dramatically overreact and tear up the whole thing. It's really sucky because it's like I'm spending anywhere from 2-5 hours sketching out this perfect image, erasing and redrawing hoping to make something spectacular that not a lot of people have seen or can do or whatever and I end up actually accomplishing that but then I go to draw over it with my ink and it get's f*cked up and I'm like
 WHAT THE FUUUUUUHHH ୧(๑•̀ᗝ•́)૭ ?!?!!?
It's definitely horrible and it can really be discouraging but I try to solider on and just do the best I can with what I have. So anyway yea, the outlining didn't go as well as hoped and to be honest I think I just need to start going at it a little slower (no naughtiness intended) and taking my time and focusing more. I think I get so excited about the piece that I'm like "I got this & it's about to look so mathematical!" and I end up getting ahead of myself and screwing it up. I guess it's not so bad though because most of the time people are like "Dude I don't see anything wrong with it" and that makes me feel a lot better. Are they lying to me? Are they really vomiting on the inside from the amount of ugly? Only God knows. But I'd like to believe that they really don't see a flaw and that the mistake is only visible to me.

In any matter, after the outline was complete it was time for color. I know I know, hold your applause, but it truly is my all-time favorite aspect of art. In fact if you Visit my Artist's Page you'll see that 99.9% of my art is colorful. I loved color because it tells a story beyond the drawing itself. Picking the right colors not only makes your piece pop but it also helps the viewer get a little understanding of why you did it or what you meant by it. Now don't get me wrong please. I'm not a fussy art snob who looks at some cliche painting of obligatory shapes & streaks and thinks *insert snobby Euro accent* "Why yes, yes I truly see that this piece is a blatant representation of the bludgeoning of our middle class society". 
I don't look at a piece of work and always assume that the artist had some deep meaning behind why they created the image the way they did and word of advice: you shouldn't either. Lemme let you in on a lil' secret… sometimes we artists just paint something 'cause we can. Or 'cause we're bored, or 'cause we something similar on TV or something that inspired something else etc. It's not always about some underlying hidden message sometimes it's from sheer boredom or random creativity. Not saying all artists are painting off the top of their head like I usually do, just saying a lot of the time that's what's happening. So, when I'm telling you the colors I used represented something I don't mean in a way that means like; I gave her a red skirt because when I was kid my mom bought me a red skirt, I mean I pick the colors in a way that's going to *hopefully* fascinate and intrigue people. Keena, I gave blonde hair because it seemed the most beautiful. I began with the idea of black, but after I decided I wanted her to be wearing a black top (which was originally going to be red actually) I realized I didn't want the two to blend so I knew that was out of the question. Then I thought about red, but after realizing the skirt would be a blood-red (which I had presumed I would make Navy Blue or Hunter Green) I knew that would look way too matchy-matchy as well. Brown seemed like an OK idea but I had already been really set on making Mika's hair brown and even though they're twins I didn't want to give her something to make them look the same as her sister so I knew I couldn't do that either. That's when I realized I would do blonde. I looked at my options and I figured yellow blonde was the most vibrant way to go. I left a few spaces blank to give the appearance of light reflection and voila! The hair was ready to go. Keena's skirt, like I mentioned earlier ended up being blood red. I liked blue and green but because her shirt was black I didn't want to go too dark with the rest of the outfit. I made her gladiator sandals black to match the top and accented it with gold buckles. Finally I gave Keena blue eyes because I had to go classic with her blonde hair. Next came Mika's final color choices. I knew right off the bat I wanted Mika to be wearing pink. The image sort of depicts two sister who're not entirely alike but are still twins. Mika is the sweet-but-really-naughty sister and Keena is the sexy-but-really-shy sister. So I needed to make the outfits and the facial expressions sort of tell that story. Mika's fuzzy sweater in pink was easy to do and, as I said before, I just used light squiggly strokes to mimic fuzz coming off. I made the heart pattern on her top pastel shades of purple and pink and then I gave her light-wash denim for her jeans. I also gave her a naughty little cherry tattoo that reads 'Lucky' to kind of continue the theme of naughty-or-nice? girl and I think it really worked. Lastly, I gave Mika pink&purple fuzz balls on her sandals to continue the look of the top going throughout the whole ensemble (sort of like I did for Keena). Once the two looks felt good and ready I accented Mika with a little bean sprout in the top of her head, sort of making her look like an alien but without being too convincing. After that was all done I began to color Cream the Cat. Cream was quick and easy. He needed to be Frosting related 1) because of his name & 2) because he just looked like a squishy pile of pudding. I actually thought of brown, like pudding, but then I started to feel like that might make him look like poop. With that terrible idea out of my head I started to think about what I would name him just based off the way he looked. I thought of Icing, Frosting (obvi, like my blog), Yogurt, and Pudding but by this point I was more hungry than I was closer to finding a good name. Cake seemed cool but that was the character from Adventure Time and I didn't wanna be a copycat so I continued to brainstorm. Finally, after a few minutes of steaming from the ears, I came up with Cream. I don't know that it's terribly creative but it seemed cool enough and it went well with the way he was drawn. His last  name is officially Swirl (on account of his swirly tail) so his official name is Cream Swirl the Cat. I figured by naming the characters I'd be able to do multiple drawings of them just in different scenarios! I think that if people see a reoccurring character in someone's art they really start to grow accustom to it and they wanna see it more and more. I chose the Prismacolor Marker that was actually titled Cream to color Cream. I also used a soft pink called Blush Pink to give his little swirl some character. He might look like a girl but Cream the Cat is definitely a boy and he loves Keena & Mika the most. So, yes. After all was said and done and everything had it's color, my piece was basically perfect. My dad came in behind me and suggested I draw a cool shape or something behind the girls to give them basically a background to sit in front. I didn't know how to go about executing this so my dad--using a plate, a dipping-bowl and a ruler--drew a cool box shape behind the girls. It definitely looked great and I was so happy with it that I'm glad my dad was actually able to contribute something positive for once! I later used photoshop to fill in the background with a sparkly pastel gradient I found on Google!
 The final product turned out so well you guise I could scream! I am so happy with all the input my family gave me in the final decision making for color and hair and the background my dad drew. I hope to do many more pieces like these and I hope you all love it! Let me know what you think by commenting below!

Until next time!

*Please, Pink Responsibly.

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