Friday, December 30, 2016



I’m gonna continue to fake type for a few more minutes and make my boss think I’m actually working lmao. I’m so bored dude and I keep trying to remind myself that I’ve only got like 3 hours left but I wanna cry tbh I’m like someone kill me x’C It’s so dead right now and I wish the bosses wife had gone to costa rica with him because she’s just sitting in her office behind me doing practically nothing. I’m like omg GO HOME there’s literally no one here, no one is coming in today like I don’t understand why you need to be here. Just let me answer the phones and draw and eat my apple until 5:30p rolls around and I can lock this place up and go home! The other bummer is I have to wait ‘til 6:30p. Yea in theory I’d be locking this place up at 5:30 but, in reality, I need to pick my mom up from UTSA at 7:15 so I have to kill time somewhere and I guess why not do it here yknow? There’s food and a couch so if Anya would gtfh I can kick my feet up and watch some Netflix on my laptop until 6:30 rolls around and then I’ll head out to get my mom. Every time I get there she’s literally still not out of the building and I end up parking in some awkward spot right in front of the building while everyone walks past my car awkwardly acting as if I’m about to run them over. I’m like bro calm down. LMAO.

*UPDATE* 12/30/2016
So guys, LOT has happened since we last spoke and there's something I never told you…
 I’m having a baby in July. I know. I know WHAT THE ACTUAL F. Me, Sister Christian, always preaching about waiting until marriage and doing what God calls you to do went and got herself knocked up. Yup. I laid my morals down *pun completely intended* and I slept with an old "friend" from my Dual-Credits days back at community college. I KNOW. Cue the ironic laughter. And, yknow, if that weren’t enough frosting for you, get this; homeboy’s a total deadbeat that doesn’t want to have anything to do with me or the baby. Maybe it’s because he knows he can’t afford it, or MAYBE IT’S BECAUSE HE HAS A 3-MONTH OLD DAUGHTER WITH SOMEONE ELSE. Yea. He cheated on his section-8 girlfriend and the poor soul decided to defend him even after finding out he denied her and their daughter's existence. Cliché as fuck or what. LOL Yup turns out the “ex-girlfriend” he “broke up with and had nothing in common with anymore” is actually his current girlfriend who was just out of town visiting her mom. Turns out also that “her baby” is actually THEIR BABY. The guy is a total liar and I don’t want my future son or daughter knowing anything about him. If they ask I’ll confess of course but if I can help it I’ll never mention this guy so long as I live. The main garbage thing about all this is that it all could’ve been prevented. He wouldn’t buy me the pill until like 3 days after we’d had a ton of unprotected sex and then when I found out I was pregnant he tried to force me into abortion. 

Anyway, I think I'll make a post right after I finish this explaining the long story that has been the last couple of months since I found out I was expecting but until then let me just say, life has been wild.
It's 2017 in two days and I never thought I'd turn 22 as a mom. I never thought I'd let my foolish irresponsibility get me to a point where I'd be responsible for the life of someone else for the rest of my existence but guys I'm actually so so excited. I am nervous and anxious and I have no idea how the next 18 years of life are going to be but I am so excited to meet my precious angel. I think about this baby so often and I've already bought an adorable antique crib for them. It's been 3 months now and the baby is growing strong inside of me. They love pickles and french fries and they haven't given me a single problem the whole time. I've experienced absolutely no morning sickness, pain, fatigue nothing. Just a happy experience while I grow God's little seed. Anyway guys, I think I'll write that separate post now. I hope you all are having a wonderful end of the year and I hope there are many wonderful things to come in the new year for you! Until next time…

Please, pink responsibly. 

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