Monday, January 16, 2017

SHOP: Superstitches

Hi everyone!
Today I'm pleased to introduce my little sister's new Etsy Shop: Superstitches.
My little sister, Destiny, has been crocheting for about 3 years now and she's super passionate about it.
I've been nagging her to make her hobby a source of income but she's only 17 and at this age she's sort of all over the place. Luckily though the dreadful idea of a mediocre 9-5 making minimum wage at the mall has scared some sense into her and she's made the decision to start trying to work form home. Destiny's one of those super talented types who make people like me a little jealous of how easily she can learn a new skill. I'll never forget how she said she wouldn't mind trying out crocheting once in passing so the following payday I bought her a package of hooks and some yarn. After that, the rest was really history. Destiny isn't your typical selfie-obsessed teen of today. She doesn't have a huge group of supposed-friends and a glom of guys fawning over her filter-enhanced beauty. She's more the anime-binging, comic-con loving type that has gained a huge social media following by writing fan fictions of her favorite TV shows. Some deem her Attack On Titan tshirt wearing self awkward but for those who know her well she's just a spirited young lady with an overactive imagination. 

Her imagination, in fact, is what has inspired her colorful, heavy-patterned scarves and head wraps. She began crocheting small things, then began making masterpieces like blankets, throws, scoodies and more. Her scarves and head wraps which she calls a "Head Cozy" are hands down my favorite things she makes. She pays a lot of attention to detail and learns new ways to execute common patterns. I love how she uses color and different sized hooks and yarn to make things look textured and unique. On her Etsy she offers Made-To-Order pieces as well as Order-ready pieces which for most can be customized in the color of your choosing. She washes a lot of her yarn first with scented hypoallergenic perfume so that it actually smells good when you wear it. At 17 Destiny is doing a lot of good for herself and her friends and family and she's excited to share her creations with you all.
If you're interested in purchasing--or even just checking out--some of her pieces, click the SHOP NOW link below or visit her FaceBook by searching: Superstitches Shop.
From both of us, we hope you like what you see and we hope you enjoy your cozy new hand-crocheted piece!

Until next time, 

Please, Pink Responsibly.