Friday, June 23, 2017


It's already nearing the end of January and a lot has already changed.
Donald Trump is our President. People still believe Khloe Kardashian's butt injections may just be genetics. I'm having a baby and I'm actually saving my money! I know! It's hard to believe those last two are true but yes, here it is January going on February and I'm only 5 months away from squeezing out my little prince or princess. I apologize for the disturbing imagery there but I'm so excited about the whole thing. I've never cared about anything or anyone more than myself. Even though I'd like to pretend I care about my family or friends more that's clearly untrue considering I got knocked up out of wedlock by a complete deadbeat. Regardless this baby is changing all that already. It's only been four months that I've harvested this little seed and I'm already thinking of all the fun things me and my tyke are gonna do. I really want to get my nose job still and no matter what whenever I get the money I'm going under the knife. Even though Khloe's butt is extremely frightening the rest of her lifestyle is magnificent and I want to be able to provide that same thing for my baby. I want to be able to give him or her a Los Angeles penthouse and whatever clothing and shoes they desire. I know a lot of people think that sort of thing spoils your child and gives them no sense of responsibility but I'll make sure they know the flow of my generosity-faucet can shut off any time. Still I want to give them the world and provide them with things I never got. I didn't miss out on much because my parents--or Mom anyway--always made sure I could have the best of the best, but my family went into debt a lot because of that. My mom wanted us to be able to train with the best gymnast/basketball coaches and go to the most fun summer camps, but she could rarely afford it and as a result put the majority of these luxuries on a credit card. Now my parents are sifting through mountains of debt and while there is light at the end of the tunnel, it still seems so dreary to live in such a way as that. That's why I really want to invest in myself and my face. Honestly, I realize how conceited it sounds but I have faith that my face (and body) is and will be a cash cow. On top of that cake I've got my dominating, one of a kind personality which is just frosting! I know that I can be successful in the entertainment industry, whether it be fashion or acting or both, but I want to make millions so I never have to worry about providing the lifestyle I want for this(ese) baby(ies). I never want to HAVE to tell my child no. I don't mind withholding things from them should they become entitled or bratty or selfish but I don't want to have to do it simply out of poverty or unfortunate circumstances. Money may not buy joy but it can buy happiness and I want to give this baby the most lavish and wonderful child/adulthood humanly possible. I want them to know God provided it all because Mommy obeyed his instructions and became very wealthy physically and spiritually and that all they have is because of God. I hope they don't become fleshly thinking everything they get is because of Mommy's good looks or because of talent so I'll do my best to explain that both of those things are the product of what happens when you're obedient to God! I hope they don't become foolish but it really won't be my problem after that. All I'll be able to do is explain the right and wrong to the baby and what they do with it from then on will be their decision. That said my settlement should be here within the next few months and I'm really optimistic about it.

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