ABOUT Mm! Frosting !

 Hi there, fellow lovers of material things !  

My name is Erica and this blog is dedicated to equal parts fashion, art, food & fun!  Here I discuss my specific outfit choices, my favourite meals, current art pieces I'm working on and tips & tricks on how to have to most bangin' life you could ever want! While my blog is pink & sparkly, I welcome all genders and lifestyles to read this blog! I do not just give tips for girls (although females are my main audience) and I want everyone to feel welcome here! 

 I love to interact with you guys and with other blogs so if you have anything to say please, always feel free to comment on the blog posts or contact me via the LET's TALK Tab above! 

So get ready to read some of the juiciest--or sometimes, rather stale--stories of a 21 y/r old living in a booming city. Share your ideas w me and the world by commenting your opinions on the posts! Click around til you find something that fits you just right, and remember

*Please, Pink Responsibly.