Hey you...

My name is Erica Elizabeth 
I made this blog as a way to filter the millions of thoughts and ideas effervescently filling my mind.
 It all started when I first began drawing at about 6 i guess. I think that's when everyone says they started drawing, but really I don't think it was any earlier than that. Maybe it was but were it so, those drawings were the kind specifically reserved for the refrigerator. I always thought I might be a fashion designer, because I especially loved to draw women in nice clothing. It was pretty dresses and pants as a kid but when I got older--and my innocence withered as a result--I started to realize my strong fascination was not only for the clothing but also for the female body itself. Around 18 my drawings, and I myself, became more out there with trippy acid-type drawings and girls with outrageous-sized facial features popping up randomly. I tried to hone my 'skills' and draw a certain thing but it always came out differently. That's when someone asked me what it was I thought about when creating a new piece. And for all of 6 seconds I wasn't sure. Then suddenly I knew. I replied that I draw whatever image comes into my head. Not one thing but everything. If I want anime, then I do anime. Scary and creepy? You got it. Ethereal and aesthetic? I'm your girl. As for the process of my art? It's simple. Yes, painfully so, and--while I'd love to use this opportunity to sell you on the 'Top 10 Reasons to Get To Know Me Better by Visiting My Blog'--the truth is, when I draw something everyone thinks is just 'so great', I usually don't think that much about it. I know, such a lackluster tale, but truth is not a whole lot of prepping or strategy goes into it. See I just get a mechanical pencil (aka artist's best friend) a crappy non-proffesional White Pearl Eraser from PaperMate & then I begin to sketch. Now I sketch something fiercely hideous. Hands down the most lop-sided, ill-porportionate shape of a body you've ever seen. The arms are definitely going to be too long, the neck way too chiseled and masculine (& wasn't I drawing a girl?) and the cheek bones will be like a Horrible Kim Kardashian/Joan Rivers montage, if such a thing were possible. But, after a little erasing and then some more, and more after that the image begins to round a corner. A couple reluctant pose-strikings from my family members and I'm on my way to perfecting an acceptable body-shape. After about 3-8 hours (or a few days depending on if I really suck that day), some accessories, some added features and certainly more erasing and I've got a hot fresh creation ready to be hung on someone's wall (or otherwise jammed in a leather portfolio my dad gave me from the 80s). Don't get me wrong, I love the talent God has poured on me, and I'm thankful so many people appreciate it too, but to be honest, if you really look at my talent you'll find, I just wanna act...

Have a super-blessed-good-vibes-kind of day !  

*Please, Pink Responsibly.