Hey you...

My name is Erica Elizabeth 
I made this blog as a way to filter the millions of thoughts and ideas effervescently filling my mind.
I'm a 22 year old artist, fashion junkie, online store-owner, writer, pastry connoisseur and dog lover. Most importantly though I'm a sister, daughter, aunt, mother and child of the King of Kings. 
I have a huge passion for acting and modeling and am making moves every day to pursue those careers. I also have a deep-seeded hatred for corporate jobs, 9-5 employment and any line of work that requires a pressed-wood desk and answering phones. My daughter Sailor Serenity is the drive of my whole life and my fur baby Sophie runs a close second. I'm very into materialism and I fight being shallow every day, but gosh darn it I love to have stuff! I like to talk A LOT so you'll notice my posts can be very long and sometimes they don't fully makes sense because these posts are literally my thoughts just spewed out from my fingertips and into a story. I probably eat my body weight in junk food every week and I exercise because I actually love it. Join me through my journey of highs and lows, single-motherhood, a relationship with God in this day and age, relationships, my career and whatever else my life decides to throw at me. I hope it's not as boring as it often feels…until then...

Have a super-blessed-good-vibes kind of day !  

*Please, Pink Responsibly.