It's hard to feel your best sometimes, let alone 24/7. Reminding yourself that you're worth much more than you think on a daily basis can really boost positivity and good vibes in your life! 
If you say something long enough, it will come to pass! Believe it or not, saying something continuously can have life or death effects on your future. Try saying something positive and uplifting today; whether it's about yourself a friend or even an enemy. Speaking well of others (especially the intolerable) will reflect on your patience and make you feel better about tough situations!
Don't feel like you're letting someone get over on you, remember that the one who stays silent actually has the last word! Wake up and release yourself of unforgiveness. Let the anger or sadness you might be harboring fall off your chest and never pick it up again! It's not worth it, and every day you stay in the past, in self-pity or in anger is a day wasted! You're important! You're an individual, and even though you may have similarities to someone else, you're Not them and they're Not you! You're one of a kind and you have something to offer this world that No One Else does. You're uniqueness isn't worth wasting, and letting foolish arguments, drama, hatred, envy or stubbornness prevent you from bursting out of your mold and being or creating something amazing is honestly just Stupid.
Encourage other people, and remember to be humble; because it's better to take the lesser seat at the table and have the host of the party invite you to sit at the head, than to try and take the best seat in the house only to be humbled (embarrassed) by being asked to move down to another seat.
Humility, grace, dignity. These are all traits that you should keep in your daily decision-making. Friends are great but don't let them keep you from reaching full potential. Don't let "friends" tell you you're not worth anything, hurt your confidence, treat you like you're worthless, devalue you or get you to pick up negative/harmful habits. 
Love your body, mind and spirit. Hold these 3 things to a higher standard than others will, but don't forget you're not Better than people just Wiser.  
Love people like you love yourself (yes! even the douchebags!) and you will begin to physically, mentally and spiritually see a change in your whole existence. 
Being positive and thinking positive will actually make your skin glow, keep you energetic & healthy.
Don't let things get to you so easily. Maybe you're overreacting? Maybe you actually are being completely mistreated. Oh well! Sorry to sound harsh but life can sometimes suck. Only way to change it is to call it how you want it to be not how it is.  The symptoms might hit you twice as hard when you do but holdfast. Grip tighter to what you believe can and Will be and IT WILL BE. Don't give up on your ideas and dreams, imagine if some of our greatest influences of all time had given up the dream! Martin Luther King Jr.? Steve Jobs? Ghandi? Jesus?! Where would we be? How would things be? I'd like not to think about it. So don't stop. You want to be a designer? Singer? Rapper? Doctor? Blogger? YouTube Guru? Gamer? Model? Gymnast? Ball Player? Why can't you?! You have talent! You have heart, I know you have it or you wouldn't have read this far down!
You will probably make mistakes somewhere along the line! Who cares? If you Never Ever screwed up you'd be God and, sorry but you're Not God. So fall, trip, eat dirt once in a while. Who cares? The best thing you could do is Get Back Up. Don't Try, DO -Yoda.

So, you finally ready to start watching your life drastically & rapidly change?
Ok! Let's start simple, with my daily routine.
Start by speaking this over yourself and your life:

" I am blessed. I have favor. I am forgiven. I forgive. I don't condemn or feel condemned. 
I can. I will. I am. 
I have whatever I say, good or bad, so I say only Good things. Over myself and others.
I have self-control. I have patience. I have love for myself and people.
Thank you, I know who I am. "

Say it for a week. Say it for two weeks. Watch things change. Watch your confidence shoot up. Watch your job and true-friend opportunities double, triple. Say it when you're feeling your best and especially when you're feeling your worst. Say it after something good happens but definitely after something bad happens. Say it even though you don't believe it. Say it when you start believing it. Say it after you already know it's true. Say it when you're mad, sad, confused, hurt, happy, excited, lost or found. 

I want you to be the best you. And now you will be. Seriously, watch...

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Erica Lyz

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